Dr. Yvonne From Important Life Chiropractic Encourages Well being And Wellness Planning For The New 12 months – Press Launch


Dr. Yvonne of Essential Life Chiropractic in Boise, Idaho, encourages Boise, Idaho residents to prioritize their health for the New Year. The doctor says that she offers her services to anyone who is in pain and wants to make the New Year their year of health and wellbeing.

The clinic offers treatments for those in car accidents, those with spinal disc injuries, those with food sensitivity, lower back pain, sports injuries, headaches, and jaw pain. It also offers cold laser therapy for those in need. It also offers advice on topics such as weight loss, fitness, athletic performance, thyroid function, heart disease, cancer, diabetes, hormonal imbalances, immune boosting, digestive health, depression, and childhood disorders like ADHD and autism.

Chiropractic is a non-surgical treatment that heals the body by repairing its structural integrity. A lot of the work in chiropractic focuses on the alignment of the spinal cord. The human spine has 24 bones, each of which is connected to specific regions of the body by nerves. The spine is divided into three broad sections: the neck, middle back, and lower back. These sections protect the nervous system. Each area of ​​bone serves to protect the nervous system as it travels to its assigned part of the body. When there are problems in the nervous system, the body begins to react in unpredictable and painful ways. For example, problems with bones in the neck can cause problems from the back of the head to the ears, pain in the trapezius muscle to the arms and hands. Often times, a carpal tunnel can be caused by a bone in the neck that disrupts the nerve and tells the arm / hand how to work.

Dr. Yvonne says she felt the pain firsthand and can empathize with those who are having the same problems. She traveled the world and learned the truth behind health. She says she wants to help her community by giving them the benefits of the knowledge and experience she has acquired. She specializes in child chiropractic and pregnancy chiropractic.

Regarding her own experience with health problems, she says: “When I was growing up, I had subluxations. I haven’t eaten bad food, I’ve exercised every day, I’ve drank tons of water, but I’ve been given medication. If the drug didn’t work, we cut it in half or doubled it or tried a different one. Unfortunately, that only made things worse for me. I would keep my hopes up at any doctor’s appointment and hope that the new dosage or drug would help me feel better, but my hopes were always low. While I was in my doctorate in chiropractic and working on my illness, I learned that chiropractic was more than just lower back pain, so I got my x-rays from high school. When I was 16, I not only had a bad back, but also a backward curve in my neck. I needed corrective chiropractic, but little did I know that chiropractic was more than just back pain and headaches, even though I kept going to a chiropractor as a kid. “

Chiropractic students like Dr. Yvonne believe that the brain and spinal cord have amazing healing powers. They believe that life flows from the brain via the spinal cord via the nerves to every cell, tissue and organ. Spinal cord damage can be caused by incidents like a car wreck, sports injuries, or even the trauma of childbirth. When the curves of the spinal cord are lost, the spinal cord can no longer fit perfectly into the spinal canal. This loss of curve or misalignment of the vertebrae is known as subluxation. Chiropractors take subluxations very seriously and treat them as seriously as they would cancer or heart attack.


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