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There is good evidence that different types of meditation can help improve the quality of life for cancer patients. Studies have shown the treatment’s mood, sleep quality, and stress benefits. Meditation can be recommended as a support for cancer patients. With some thoughtful landscaping, these secluded spots can emerge as meditation gardens for breast cancer healing. Meditation gardens are created to raise awareness and relieve stress.

A meditation garden should be:

  • Sensory-Rich
  • Rich in plants, trees or bushes that are aromatic
  • Soothing for the ears
  • Appealing to the eyes

Meditation gardens have soothing background noises like the rustling of ornamental grass caused by the breeze, the gentle clatter of bamboo, and the gurgling of water from a fountain. Muted leaves work together with the scent of flowers or herbs.

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Key elements in gardens for reflection and meditation:

  • Comfortable seating
  • To move water Masking distractions like traffic noise
  • Plants for shade, visual interest, and oxygen
  • Natural light

Many of the elements designed in meditation gardens come from Zen or temple gardens. Examples include:

  1. Rocks, gravel and sand that can be tended with a rake to symbolize a look or anything your imagination suggests.
  2. Natural pieces that enhance the look of the immediate area.
  3. By tree scaping or landscaping with trees, you can create some interesting shapes with the trees you grow in your yard.
  4. Mazes, Paths and gently curved plant beds.

Just as there are many forms of meditation, people in a meditation garden have different needs. Any room in which people feel comfortable and safe is a good place to meditate.

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