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By Diana Ross, co-founder of E-RYT 500 from Breast Cancer Yoga.

The challenging child pushes our breath to the limit by pulling the diaphragm down and the lungs up. It teaches us to lift and extend. Not only is the lungs affected, but this posture also encourages lengthening of the spine and opening of the ankles. It’s quite a pose to explore, but please make yourself comfortable as you explore the nuances.

When someone is in recovery, this pose teaches patience to be open and not to judge, but to just let go. Great pose.

Increases lymph circulation to the chest region
Extends the spine to a natural alignment
Stretches shoulders and Lattisima dorse (main back muscles)
Relaxes the entire spine, sacrum and lumbar spine
Increases freedom of movement in the shoulder girdle
Spreads the hips, opens the tips of the ankles, and helps align the knees
Shoulder injuries / rotator cuff and knee pain


  1. Sit on your heels or use a folded one ceiling between heels and hips. ON
    ceiling can also be placed under the knees / ankles if it is uncomfortable. pad before and
    Block head up to rest.
  2. Roll up a blanket or partially folded yoga mat and place it in the crease of your hip and
    Lower abdomen.
  3. INHALE, prolong.
  4. Exhale, fold forward and pull your hands around or under the front
    Support. Then start either extending your arms to your forearms or crossing your arms underneath.
    If there is tension in the middle or lower spine, step on your hands until you start feeling a
    Release in the spine. Put your forehead on the block.
  5. Stay and breathe in your entire spine. Enjoy publishing and renewal.
  6. INHALE, come back up.

Take advantage of Yoga against breast cancerIt is important that you begin with simple, gentle yoga movements. You should also consult a doctor before starting yoga practice. It is also necessary that you follow a yoga diet, which consists primarily of a vegetarian diet, in order to improve the benefits of yoga.

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