Huge modifications at Pray Chiropractic’s Dalton workplace | Catoosa Walker Information


After three years at the Dalton site, Pray Chiropractic is again making major changes.

Dr. Charles Pray, the founder of Pray Chiropractic, announced the addition of two more bilingual chiropractors to his Dalton chiropractic team, Dr. Javier Loucil and Julio Borrero.

Dr. Loucil was born and raised in Arecibo, Puerto Rico. So he is bilingual in Spanish and English. Before starting his chiropractic training, he studied biology at the University of the Sacred Heart. Loucil received his PhD in Chiropractic from Life University in Marietta, Georgia, and graduated from Magna Cum Laude. When Loucil is not working, he enjoys spending time with his wife Sofia and their daughter Marena. He likes all outdoor activities like hiking, biking, traveling, and being able to escape to the beach.

Dr. Borrero received degrees in mechanical engineering and industrial engineering before graduating from Life University in Marietta with a degree in chiropractic. Borrero is also bilingual and was born and raised in Salinas, Puerto Rico. Borrero’s personal experience with chiropractic made it clear that he wanted to dedicate his career to improving the quality of life of others through chiropractic care. He and his wife, Hilda, met as children while living in the same small town in Puerto Rico. The two share a passion to save animals and to find a home for them.

Pray Chiropractic is now open seven days a week. Pray Chiropractic’s Dalton office is open early morning, noon, late at night, and on weekends, and can now accommodate even the busiest patient plans. Same day appointments are offered every day. Pray Chiropractic continues to offer state-of-the-art treatments as it was recently the only office in the area to purchase the latest Litecure 40 watt laser for treating pain and inflammation in minutes.

Chiropractors have a wide range of clinical interests and understand the importance of getting to know their patients personally in order to understand the many factors that can affect their patients’ health.

Drs. Loucil and Borrero admit new patients seven days a week. Call 706-609-0023 or make an appointment on Pray Chiropractic’s website at Pray Chiropractic is located at 715 South Thornton Avenue in Dalton, Ga.


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