Irish-American lady praises Patrick Dempsey as he helped her via ‘horrible’ breast most cancers battle


An Irish-American woman praised Patrick Dempsey for helping her through her “terrible” battle with breast cancer.

Carolyn Spies, who is from Maine, United States, suffered from breast cancer and decided to go to the Dempsey Center for comprehensive treatment.

Patrick Dempsey founded the Dempsey Center back in 2008 with the intention of giving back to the community where he grew up and where his mother first received cancer treatment in 1997.

The Dempsey Center makes the lives of people treating the effects of cancer in Maine better and offers free services as if we were Dr. McDreamy couldn’t love anymore.

And Carolyn, who is half Irish, visited the center while struggling with her illness, and she was even lucky enough to meet the man who is currently filming Disney’s Disenchanted in Ireland.

Dempsey in Dalkey

She told Dublin Live: “I was treated for breast cancer and it’s been a long, long fight. It’s something I never want to go through again, it was horrible. The treatment lasted a long time, almost two years.

“Living through cancer was like being in a pandemic with a lot at home. I had to drive to my treatment in the winter and it was just terrible.

“Patrick is a really nice guy, as far as I know, with his civil service. He opened the Dempsey Center in Lewiston-Maine because his mother had cancer.

“He opened it before she died, and she died about two years later. The center has grown, it’s a beautiful place. It’s a really nice place for people with cancer.

“They give you massages, meditation, support groups and other things like that.

Dublin Live reporter Amy with Carolyn in 2019

“One day I was there and saw this handsome man walking towards me in a really nice suit. He looked like Dr. McDreamy from Grey’s Anatomy.

“I got up and when he got to me he opened his arms and hugged me very tight. He smelled really good, his cologne was just wow, and I was that old lady with no hair. It was winter and I had my jacket on and I felt really old next to him. I thought I was going to ruin his suit.

“I’m sure it was like hugging his mother, he loves all the people there. He looked like Mr. Hollywood, but when he takes off his suit and puts on his fishing gear, he’s the Maine boy.

“Everyone fishes in Maine so they probably fishes a lot in Ireland. He is used to the cold weather and being outside.

“But my sister-in-law babysat Patrick and his sisters, and when he was 16 he flew to New York City. She said he was a pain in the neck as a child.

“You are lucky to have Patrick. You had Matt Damon last summer, Patrick this summer, maybe Mark Wahlberg next summer, I love him. He’s from Boston so he could be of Irish descent. “

Patrick Dempsey continues the Ireland adventure with a trip to Leo Burdocks and a visit to the car dealership in Dublin

Patrick Dempsey continues the Ireland adventure with a trip to Leo Burdocks and a visit to the car dealership in Dublin

Patrick has been participating in the annual Dempsey Challenge since 2009, where he cycles with his friends and family, greets the crowd and personally thanks the fundraisers for their great efforts.

Carolyn’s brothers attend the event every year with Dempsey even before she’s diagnosed.

In 2016, Patrick took on an advisory role and became a board member of the Dempsey Center in 2018 to continue to support cancer patients.

A Carolyn ended her time at the Dempsey Center, she decided to pack her bitch Lizzie and move to Oaxaca, Mexico in 2019.

She said, “I couldn’t take the Maine winters anymore. I sold my house and ended up on a wonderful Airbnb and didn’t leave.

“I taught English, but when everything shut down because of the pandemic, I spent a lot of time in a studio doing lots of artwork and textile work, and set up a website called Studio Spies.”

Carolyn and Amy are cooking Mexican cuisine in 2019

About her Irish heritage, she said: “My grandmother had an Irish accent, she always said it was ‘great’ and my grandfather had to change his last name from Kilcoin to Stewart because of the prejudice against the Irish at the time.

“I’m from Cunninghams, Dwyers, and Kilcoins. I’m Irish to the bone. “

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