Man robbed in Dubai after gang lures him into pretend therapeutic massage parlour


Dubai: Four defendants were sentenced to three years in prison by the Dubai Court of First Instance after they were found guilty of imprisoning a person in a hotel apartment and stealing their money after being pledged to do so Flat had been lured massage.

Records showed that two men and two women – all expatriates – rented a hotel apartment in the Al Barsha area of ​​Dubai and lured victims there through social media with promises to offer massage services.

The victim saw an advertisement published by the defendants for a massage service. He contacted the number on WhatsApp and went into the apartment.

When he entered the apartment, a woman asked him to lie down on a bed when the others attacked him. “They locked me in the room and threatened to beat me if I tried to escape or yelled for help. They took my pictures with a cell phone camera and snatched 1,550 Dh in cash from me and my debit card, ”said the man on file.

One of the defendants then went to withdraw the money from the victim’s bank account, but the available balance on his account was zero.

Meanwhile, the manager of the hotel suspected the woman who had rented the apartment and called the Dubai police. A police patrol arrived shortly afterwards and arrested all four defendants between the ages of 25 and 31. Police also rescued the victim and returned his money.

Dubai prosecutors have charged the accused of robbery, kidnapping and assaulting the victim.

The court ordered the defendants to be deported after their prison terms had expired.

The defendants have appealed the verdict and a first hearing will be held in the Dubai Court of Appeals next month.


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